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  • New Phelan Book to be serialised on The Corrie Cobbles Show

    Subscribe free to THE CORRIE COBBLES SHOW, the unofficial Coronation Street Podcast to ensure you don’t miss the free serialisation of PHELAN The Mind of a KILLER, the brand new Derek Bray book being released this Sunday. 

  • BREAKING NEWS…New Book Release…PHELAN The Mind of a KILLER

    In this brand new book, Derek Bray attempts to unravel the mind of the man, whilst studying the thought processes that control his extreme acts of good and evil

  • Status Quo – Rocking All Over the Street – until Les Battersby got in the way

    Les Battersby got up a lot of noses during his time on Coronation Street and it’s good to see he got up some famous ones. He crossed the line with his heroes, Status Quo, and lived to tell the tale… Read More ›

  • Del’s Corrie Column 1 – A Weekly look up and down the street

    Hi Cobblers, I hope this week finds you well. A big welcome to the first ever Del’s Corrie Column, a weekly chat with fellow Cobblers. It’s been great to have a breather from the stress of watching Mr Phelan, who’s… Read More ›

  • Corrie Tweets of the Week 2

    What passion did Coronation Street ignite on Twitter last week? Read the tweets here now

  • CORRIE COBBLES’PODCAST – Hot Off the Press – Episode 4 just published

    Out Now – Right Now. A brand new episode of THE CORRIE PODCAST How much can you pack into 30 minutes?