Great British Bake Off to change our TV Screens – ads to run on permanent loop

The new Great British Bake Off presenter, Prue Leith has upset advertisers by suggesting viewers watch the programme by time-shifting it and fast-forwarding through the ads.

Terrified of a huge drop in income as ads are withdrawn, TV regulators are now set to change the way we watch TV.

As from next month, whatever we watch will be permanently surrounded by running ads, taking up 80% of our screens.

Bake Off screen.jpg

This will reduce the actual viewing size of a 42 inch television to just over eight inches.

Justifying this, a TV spokesman told the Daily Bungler, “I used to watch a seven inch Bush as a nipper so the viewers have nothing to moan about. At least they’ve got colour. This’ll stop ‘em skipping the ads.”

An irate viewer said, “I’ve not spent all that money on a huge screen to have it reduced to a postage stamp.”

In contrast, another viewer told us, “Good news. The ads are usually better than the programmes.”

Check out the goodies below to help with your own Bake Off




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