Sunday League footballers to earn £5K per week to encourage grassroots sport


‘The beautiful game’ just got more beautiful for thousands of Sunday League footballers. They were out celebrating last night, having learned that they could be in line to earn a quarter of a million pounds a year for wading through the quagmire of Sunday League park pitches.

They did not have far to travel for their celebrations as a large number of the teams actually represent local pubs.

Sky Sports, who pay billions for the right to broadcast live Premier League games, are used to seeing more than £300,000 per week going to the highest paid footballers.

However, from the start of next season they are insisting that more of this fortune is diverted to the grassroots of the game.

Ironically there are no grass roots left on most Sunday league pitches but a quarter of a million smackers a year would enable these lucky players to afford the most luxurious of soaps to wash the mud away with.

The landlord of the Decoy public house near Peterborough told the Daily Bungler:

“It’s like winning the pools to these lads. This windfall is likely to see the docking of Premier League players’ wages but it’s our turn now. The trouble is that suddenly everyone and his dog wants to play for the Decoy. A guy of seventy five turned up with a pair of old boots earlier and insisted he could show Wayne Rooney a thing or two.

The Daily Bungler’s football reporter, Ivor Thirst, was one of two dozen spectators watching last Sunday’s Decoy match. Asked if they thought the players deserved this unexpected windfall, all but two of the fans held up two fingers and uttered a two word response.

The other two gave a more considered reply:

“Oh aye, the wee laddie on the wing over there had a trial for Rotherham United as a kid.”

“If these prats are worth five grand a week, I’m worth five free pints a night in the Decoy.”





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