Phelan Phobia grips the nation – we want to hate him but we can’t

The mass of posts currently flooding social media indicates that the tide is turning in respect of the public’s stance on Coronation Street character Pat Phelan.

The trend kicked off with everyone and his dog detesting the Weatherfield builder and demanding his immediate demise.

“Torturing a hostage isn’t entertainment!”

“I’m switching off if this monster stays any longer!”

“Tiresome plot going on far too long.”

They were just three of hundreds of derogatory comments we received from Corrie fans.

But guess what. The following remarks are now trending:

“I love to hate Pat Phelan.”

“I don’t want Pat Phelan going anywhere.”

“Phelan’s the most interesting character in years.”

He is now being likened to JR on Dallas in the eighties.

JR Ewing played by Larry Hagman in Dallas

Nowadays, for Larry Hagman, read Connor McIntyre.

Which makes you wonder. JR was shot in very mysterious circumstances and the global cry was, “Who shot JR?”

Perhaps the best way is to stick with Phelan for a goodly while yet, and when his day finally arrives, shroud it in a similar mystery.

So should he go or should he stay?

Why not vote below?





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