The New Corrie Mayor – Kirk or Sally – Corrie Cobbles readers VOTE NOW

The big vote is looming. Both Sally Metcalfe and Kirk Sutherland are in the frame for Mayor of Weatherfield.  Corrie Cobbles readers vote now!

Sally for Mayor.jpg

Sally wears her electoral poster well

Help us predict the result of the election by voting below for your chosen candidate


Kirk wears his mascot costume well

But remember that when deciding who you want for Weatherfield Mayor, expected entertainment value to you, the viewer, is equally as important as manifesto pledges.

Sally’s main pledge:

“I will tackle litter, parking and knife crime.”

Kirk’s main pledge

“One thing I do know about is puppies. I grew up working in kennels and I know how important it is to give them puppies the best start in life.”

Sally’s entertainment value:

Awkward moments when her posturing is let down by hubby Tim’s clumsiness and naivety

Kirk’s entertainment value:

His schoolroom view on life and his no frills approach to the most complex issues

The battle is about to commence in an exciting autumn election battle with both candidates keen to emulate Alf Roberts’ success during two stints as Mayor of Weatherfield

Mayor Alf.jpeg

Alf Roberts,twice Mayor

So this is your chance to help forge the future of the cobbled paradise that is Coronation Street.

Show us what result to expect by voting for your choice of Mayor right now!


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