Corrie Cobbles launches an exciting weekly Podcast

Corrie Cobbles is delighted to announce that they have just launched a brand new weekly podcast.

Cobbles Show_HR_1400x1400px.jpg

The Corrie Cobbles Show is hosted by its founder and editor, Derek Bray, and enhances the Corrie Cobbles Blog which has enjoyed tremendous success in the short period since its launch.

Derek Bray.jpg

Derek Bray hosts the new Podcast and is involving the fans as much as possible

Derek is clearly passionate about the new dynamic format and said, “This weekly show is all about the fans and viewers of Corrie. It is tailored to meet their demands and they are encouraged to participate and involve themselves fully in this exciting project.

Corrie from the air.jpg

Everything that moves on The Street will be covered in The Corrie Cobbles Show

“I see this very much as the fans’ podcast, not mine. It’s for them and as much about them as the programme itself.

“Corrie enjoys a very discerning fan base. They know what they want, what they like, and what they are keen to discourage.

“I regard their regular feedback as crucial and am confident that their voice will be a strong influence in Coronation Street’s continuing development.

“The hope is that the viewers themselves will provide much of the content of the new show.”

The Corrie Cobbles Show will never be talking at the fans. It will be chatting with them and sharing the views and experiences of like minded people.

Each episode of the weekly podcast will last for little more than 30 minutes.

Derek said, “I know that my attention span starts to wander after half an hour or so, and I suspect that many people feel the same. Also, thirty minutes is about the average time for a commute to and from work, and a good time to put the headphones on.”

The Corrie Cobbles Show is packed with exciting content and, as well as up to the minute news, includes regular archive  features such as Love Stories and Through the Keyhole.

Fred and Maureen-14.jpg

A Corrie Cobbles Show Love Story

The Corrie Cobbles Show is keen to know exactly what their listeners would like to hear in the podcast and they are invited to make their views known on the Corrie Cobbles Blog

You can listen to and download the new Podcast by clicking here

I’ve just received this tweet from Connor McIntyre who plays bad boy Pat Phelan:

Well done Derek..really enjoyed it and thank you. Give Derek a listen folks, for all things Corrie 🙏


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