Corrie Spoilers …Are they welcome or just a nuisance?

It’s got to the stage now where you don’t actually have to watch a soap to know everything that’s happened and everything that’s about to happen.


To Spoil or not to Spoil…that is the question

There’s always a newspaper or blog on hand to report faithfully on every episode and spill the beans .

Well you know what? I’d sooner just watch the blooming soap and find out for myself.

At the risk of losing followers, I’m now going to admit that I’m a closet Man U fan. There are many times, due to my busy schedule, that I record their live matches and then watch them when I’m able…usually about 2am.


Don’t tell me the score

Now, if that joy was taken away from me by some burke spouting out, “I see Man U lost tonight”, I would not not be a happy bunny.

The other night whilst watching Corrie, I was knocked sideways to suddenly see Pat Phelan lurking behind Vinnie’s mother when she was skyping Vinnie. It took me totally by surprise.

Similarly, last night was a total surprise when Phelan got attacked.

Great television, untainted by a whistle blower.

I guess at the end of the day we’ve all got to decide whether we want to watch it first and then read about it…or read about it and then confirm what we’ve read by watching it.

Did you follow that last bit? I’m not sure I did, and I wrote it.

Anyway let’s see where you stand in this issue.


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