MONDAY CORRIE – Fire destroys Pat Phelan’s old house and cellar. Arson suspected

Any evidence of Andy and Vinny languishing in Pat Phelan’s especially created dungeon will undoubtedly have been destroyed by a fire that raged through the derelict property in the early hours of Saturday morning.


Who killed the one on the left? Who killed the one in the middle?

Arson is suspected and it wouldn’t take Hercule Poirot to finger the arsonist.

Some evening our Pat spent on Friday, culminating in two murders and a pyrotechnic display for afters.

Back on form tonight though he showed another talent by whispering into Seb’s comatosed ear that Anna wanted him dead. Seb awoke within an hour and guess what his first words were?

Seb in hospital.jpeg

‘Anna wanted you dead, Seb”

“Anna wanted me dead.”

Back of the net! Another result for the Weatherfield Whisperer.

More bad news awaits the pain ridden Sebastian, and indeed his girlfriend Faye.  His mother had kept the fact that he is HIV from him and everyone else.

Seb andladder.jpeg

Anna is accused of pushing Seb off his ladder

Faye has not yet been told that she could have been infected and lost no time in phoning the police and accusing her mother of trying to kill her boyfriend. Well the sooner Angry Anna gets banged up the better. She swung into action again tonight and tried to throttle Seb’s mother. Anger Management please, Anna. Calm down Dear.


Tyrone has started telling Porkies

Tyrone is busily digging a massive hole for himself by inventing an inheritance from his dead Uncle Frank to cover the fact that Fizz and him are dipping their fingers into daughter Hope’s fund.

Oh and one more thing, Joseph is back…yawn …


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