Through the Corrie Keyhole of Number 7 – Rebuilt from a pile of rubble

Number seven is the middle house within the row of one hundred year old terraced houses on Coronation Street, Weatherfield.


It is also easily spottable as the house with much newer brickwork than the rest. You’ll discover why later in this story.



The rebuilt No.7

The current owner of the house is Dev Alahan, who also owns the corner shop at the end of Coronation Street and the Prima Dona kebab bar in Victoria Street.

The first owners were the Popplwewells in 1902, but the first family that lifelong Corrie fans will be aware of is the Hewitt family, who occupied it in the 30s until 1964.


Harry Hewitt

Harry Hewitt and his wife Concepta are two of the original cast that viewers will remember fondly. Lucille Hewitt, their daughter remained in Weatherfield when the family moved to Ireland. She moved into the Rovers and was brought up by landlords Jack and Annie Walker.

After they’d gone the property was left empty and uncared for by the landlord, a Mr Womold.

This led to it collapsing into a pile of rubble when an unchecked faulty beam across the bay window gave way.


Oops! A bit of work needed here

Local Builders Len Fairclough and Jerry Booth, who we’ve known and loved for decades, were entrusted to rebuild the property, hence the new brick work.


Len Fairclough and Jerry Booth

Len actually decided to buy the house and inherited a blank canvas in which to express his architectural vision. He actually built it pretty much the same as it had always been.

He lived there happily for a while with his wife, now national treasure, the lovely Rita. Len left it to Rita when he died. She moved into the flat above the Kabin in 1992. She had shared the house for a number of years with the notorious Alan Bradley and his daughter, Jenny.

The Bradleys.jpg

Jenny, Rita and Alan Bradley

Curly Watts first rented and then bought the house. He was very interested in astronomy and had the attic converted into an observatory.


Curly Watts

Many is the time when he stuck his telescope out of a hole in the roof on a clear, frosty night. His fiancé at the time, Kimberley Taylor, was most disappointed as she thought the plan was to convert the loft into a third bedroom. She left him.

His new squeeze, Raquel Wolstenhulme, helped Curly put in new windows and decorate the back room.

In 2003, Blanche Hunt bought the house for Tracy Barlow, her granddaughter on condition that Tracy didn’t have a termination.


The formidable Blanch

Tracy left Weatherfield instead and Blanche let the house to Danny Baldwin (played by Bradley Walsh), his wife, Frankie and sons, Jamie and Warren. The family finally imploded in a flurry of affairs and relationships.

Liam Connor.jpg

Liam Connor

A couple of years later Liam Connor bought the property and left it to his wife, Maria Connor when he was killed in a hit and run accident in 2008.

Maria lived at No. 7 for another two years and then moved into a flat above the hairdressers.

Dev Alahan moved into the house from suburbia in 2010.

DEV Al.jpg

Dev Alahan

And that completes the chequered history of just one of the houses on a rather remarkable cobbled street.

Am I going to leave it there? Not likely. I’m all set to look through the keyhole of all the others.

Watch this space…

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