Corrie Tweets of the Week 2

What passion did Coronation Street ignite on Twitter last week? Read the tweets here now


Coronation Street‏  @itvcorrie  15h15 hours ago  

When you’re getting wise words from Dev, you know you’re in the wrong… Will Mary be able to mend the damage she’s done?

DEV Al.jpg

mellers1313‏ @Mel_Navan  15h15 hours ago  

The Todd and Adam pairing has been one of the best in recent times Shame its not gonna last.


I agree with that. Such a shame. I could see that duo developing into something quite special

A great example of how here in the next text…

Sam‏ @Sam13Car  16h16 hours ago

Mary runs out of bistro… Todd: Whoa! Careful, you can cause an accident. Adam: Which we can benefit from. Todd: Run faster!

Claire Marie‏ ‪@ClaireMarieMcC2 15h

I think we can officially say that Todd and Adam successfully brought Aidan DOWNNN mission complete by the badass lawyers .

Auntie Pegg‏ @AuntiePegg  15h15 hours ago

Don’t like this Mary at all

Mad Mary.jpeg

Coronation Street‏Verified account @itvcorrie  Nov 3

Go Peter! Gemma deserves so much better

That of course refers to Peter throwing a passing idiot out of the pub for insulting our Gemma

Tracey‏ @Ginismysin  15h15 hours ago

Anyone else want to punch Mary in the face?

Beckie-Mae‏ @Beckie_Miller_  Nov 6

Please say Moira and Vic Reeves bugger off together in the near future

Connor McIntyre‏Verified account @connor9mcintyre  Nov 7

Hey tweeps , thank you so so much for all the congratulations I am very proud 2 be part of the #Corrie team.Thank U


Old Nicodemus‏ @oldnicodemus  15h15 hours ago

I’ve completely forgotten what Todd has against Aiden and to be honest, I don’t really care

Claire Marie‏ ‪@ClaireMarieMcC2 15h

Ohhh Todd definitely is a dodgy lawyer … him just taking his hood down at the end like yass Todd U SHOW AIDAN HOW ITS DONE

Well, thanks for clearing the hoody up for me, Claire. I couldn’t be sure who it was.

Marina Nelson‏ @itypeandtalk  15h15 hours ago


Now that’s something I’d never considered

 🐦 rachey77  🐦‏ @Cooper1Racheal  15h15 hours ago

Love people on soaps,always moaning they’ve got no money but spend all the time in cafes and pubs lol

Tony Scullion‏ @CI5TonyRhodes  Nov 6

Anyone else find the charecter Jim Moor is playing, annoying and actually not funny!


This is shaping into a general concensus. We’re talking about the new character Colin of course. Now I have to say something here in Jim’s defence.

I’ve never really liked him, but I’m enjoying this new character. I was kinda hoping he might stay.

Surely I’m not the only one that thinks like that,

Please let me know…

Persa Verance‏ @PurlMaster55  Nov 4

Please recast Todd. There is so little gay male representation on #Corrie and Eileen has already lost 1 son

Lee atherton‏ @Leeavvy  16h16 hours ago

Boring me that little prick joseph now

Why don’t you say it as it is, Lee

The Gay Christ‏ @TheGayChrist  Nov 7

The HIV story line on Coronation Street was inaccurate. Faye cannot be given the all clear until a three month window has passed.


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