Del’s Corrie Column 1 – A Weekly look up and down the street

Hi Cobblers,

I hope this week finds you well.

A big welcome to the first ever Del’s Corrie Column, a weekly chat with fellow Cobblers.

It’s been great to have a breather from the stress of watching Mr Phelan, who’s currently languishing on holiday with the lovely Eileen.



I have no doubt that he’ll arrive back fully charged soon, ready to inflict more damage, and possibly death, on an unsuspecting Weatherfield.

Mad Mary is trying hard to snatch the accolade of Best Mad Woman from Mad Anna.

Mad Mary.jpeg

Did you see how she was bouncing her grandson up and down on her lap, eyes revolving rapidly and voice operating an octave or two higher than Leslie Garratt.

As he hovered at the door, I think it crossed her son’s mind that he was leaving his toddler with a nutter, before muttering, “Oh well,” and leaving her to it.

Now if you are a mother and you truly are overjoyed at the prospect of enjoying a new life with your son and his family, then it’s probably not a good idea to hound your new daughter-in-law into the arms of the police.


Well that’s exactly what Mary did, and now she’s paying a very heavy price indeed.

As good old Cilla Black would say,


“Surprise Surprise, Mary Cole. You’ve just been re-united with your long lost son, Jude and put a lorra lorra effort into blowing it.

Well congratulations, luv. They now want nowt to do with yer.”

At last a glimmer of life from Young Joseph.

If they’re paying him by the word, he’s just earned about 47 pence.

He’s just uttered his first two or three words since arriving in Weatherfield.

And that’s down to Daniel.


Shouldering Chesney out of the way…and that’s not difficult…as he’s never really grown up from the little one we knew and loved … he works out that the reason that young Joseph hasn’t been speaking is that he doesn’t understand the Corrie accent.

You see, he was brought up in Portugal and only understands …  Portuguese.

Oh, of course…Yes I get it now…silly me…it should have been obvious…

Hang on a minute though…his mother Katy was English…

Oh dear I think that blow’s a pretty big hole in that particular story line… Oh well…

Another candidate for the old anger management is looming up in the form of Aidan Connor.


Whilst having an animated chat with his dad in the bistro, he runs out of effective words and instead … delivers an almighty punch to Jonnys upper cheek.

Theres definitely something in the Weatherfield air at the moment…

Anyway, that’s it from Del’s Corrie Cobbles this week, Cobblers.

Please leave a comment below so I know somebody’s out there. I want this to be your column as well as mine.

Have a great week and let’s meet up again next Monday…

Del, your caring, sharing Editor

By the way, Been in  THE CORRIE SHOP YET?

Corrie Shop_v2_LR.jpg




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