Status Quo – Rocking All Over the Street – until Les Battersby got in the way

Les Battersby got up a lot of noses during his time on Coronation Street and it’s good to see he got up some famous ones. He crossed the line with his heroes, Status Quo, and lived to tell the tale – just!

Rick Parfitt punches Les.jpg

The Quo turn up unexpected on the Street in September, 2005 in the form of Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi.

They stop off at the Rovers Return for a drink before a gig and are spotted by Chesney Brown, who rushes home to tell his Uncle Les.

Cheney and quo.jpeg

Young Chesney with the Quo

At first Les refuses to believe his heroes are only seconds away, but when Cilla backs up Chesney’s story he hurries to the pub with his albums under his arm for them to sign.

But as he arrives at his local he sees the band’s blacked-out people carrier driving away and thinks he has missed the opportunity of a lifetime.


Les and his heroes, Status Quo

But what he doesn’t realise is that they see him through the darkened glass and they recognise him as the guy that thumped Francis Rossi at a gig in the eighties. He still has to wear a neck-brace.

They vow to return and exact revenge. They do just that, a scuffle ensues and Les gets thumped.

He decides he’ll wear a neck brace too and sue the great Quo.

They offer to perform at his forthcoming wedding instead and everybody’s happy.


Les and Cilla at the wedding

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