Corrie Cobbles is offering the brand new Pat Phelan book, PHELAN The Mind of a KILLER at a heavily discounted 99p as a Christmas introductory offer. So why not treat yourself to an early Christmas presentSMALL Phelan Cobbles Cover_2_Final copy.jpg
From the moment he arrived on Coronation Street, Pat Phelan proved to be the most complex enigma that had ever graced the famous cobbles.

On the one hand, a man capable of deception, robbery, assault, rape, kidnap, torture, cruelty, arson and finally murder.

Phelan shrieking.jpg

On the other, a man that was quite prepared to lay down his life in defence of a stranger and capable of astonishing acts of generosity and kindness.

Pat thumbs up.jpg

Over a period of four years, Pat Phelan has taken us on a roller coaster ride of emotion. Like some kind of dark alchemist, he has served up varying concoctions of hatred, terror, fear, shock, respect and even a degree of fondness

A man clearly struggling with his demons and ashamed of many of the despicable deeds that he has committed.

He even sought absolution in church… and then continued his sinful ways without a moment’s hesitation.

Pat Phelan is an enigma teetering on the brink of understanding.

In this book, Derek Bray attempts to unravel the mind of the man, whilst studying the thought processes that control his extreme acts of good and evil

The story is told from Pat Phelan’s viewpoint and attempts to portray how his point of view was constantly tainted by the bizarre settings of his mind.

Pat Phelan himself is used as the narrator of this bizarre story, which covers his four year spell on Coronation Street in the form of his personal diary.

He occasionally confides in the reader, who is then able to relate better to what he did and why he did it.

This is Derek Bray’s own interpretation of the Pat Phelan story line … right up to the moment that he committed murder.




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