Del’s Corrie Column – A regular look up and down the street

Hi Cobblers,

Welcome to the second Del’s Corrie Column. Who says I’ve got no staying power?

Corrie street

Well, first off this week, if you didn’t already know, there’s a Pat Phelan book out. It’s an eBook and it’s available from Amazon in Kindle format, and it’s written by moi, your caring sharing editor, Delboy.


And in the words of the late great Ernie Wise of Morecombe and Wise fame,

“The book wot I wrote is a good one.”

Well we think it is. And we think you’ll love it

The book is dedicated to Connor McIntyre, an actor of immense talent who has ensured that Pat Phelan will live forever as a character in the memory of Coronation Street fans around the world.

Phelan shrieking

Connor very kindly responded to this dedication by tweeting,
‘Thank you Derek … I am very touched.’

Well we know you’re a bit touched, Connor, you have to be to play a role like Pat Phelan.

The book is called, PHELAN, The Mind of a KILLER

From the moment he arrived on Coronation Street, Pat Phelan proved to be the most complex enigma that had ever graced the famous cobbles.

On the one hand, a man capable of deception, robbery, assault, rape, kidnap, torture, cruelty, arson and finally murder.

On the other, a man that was quite prepared to lay down his life in defence of a stranger and capable of astonishing acts of generosity and kindness.

A quick couple of clicks will get you the book for only 99p. CLICK HERE AND YOU”RE STRAIGHT THROUGH TO THE BOOK’s PAGE ON AMAZON


But now, what’s been happening on the Street since we last chatted?

Well where do we start? It’s been a good week.

The best news is that the Phelan’s back from his hols and keeps bumping into his daughter, Nicola.

For someone that’s supposed to be steering well clear of him for the rest of her life, she’s not off to a great start.

He turns round and she’s there…

She turns round and he’s there…

Apparently she is going though. To Australia – and you can’t get further away than that.

Whatever Pat says to dissuade her is falling on stony ground.

In fact he’s much busier than that, trying to influence her not to drop him in it with Eileen.

She knows enough of his dirty secrets to sink him with his missus.

The police tell him his house fire was definitely arson and that two yobbos were captured on CCTV running away from the scene.

Turns out Pat had paid em to set light to the place. He’s a rascal.

Rana and Zeedan are still an item. But not for long, She’s now finding it almost impossible to deny her feelings for Kate.

And that’s a polite way of putting it. Whenever they’re together, someone needs to be standing by with a bucket of water.

Let’s face it, the wedding’s just not going to happen.

It looks as if our Colin may be set to stay on the cobbles for longer than we thought. He may be Norris’s long lost son and is already displaying some remarkably similar mannerisms.


Father and son?

Cleaning his glasses for instance…

Mmmm … that’s a bit week…

Standing outside with a sweeping brush earwigging everybody within earshot would provide a better clue to his lineage.

Did you know Norris has had that same brush for twenty years … it’s had seven different handles and eight different brush heads … but it’s the same brush after all these years…

Vicar Billy’s sordid past continues to be leaked and the police are currently interviewing him about a fatal hit and run accident many moons ago.

Apparently his fingerprints are all over the offending vehicle.

How come they’ve got a copy of Vicar Billy’s fingerprints?

More police form prior to that, obviously.

Ah well at least he’s got legal eagle Adam defending him.

He was obviously trained to a high level at Law School in the art of Police interviews.

No comment … Say nowt …Say Nowt … No Comment …


No Comment…Say Nowt

I wonder if he’d be advising Billy to keep his mouth shut if he knew it was his mum who had been mowed down by the hapless vicar.

Mmm …

Anyway, that’s it from Del’s Corrie Cobbles this week, Cobblers.

Please leave a comment below so I know somebody’s out there. I want this to be your column as well as mine.

Have a great week and let’s meet up again soon…

Del, your caring, sharing Editor




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