If you enjoy the zany humour of Daily Bungler’s news releases, you’ll enjoy these books from the same author:

Open House at Cove Castle: Hilarious Happenings When the Lord of the Manor is Forced to Open His Stately Home to the Great Unwashed (A Modern Day Wodehouse Book 1) Kindle Edition

Open House.jpg


The Trouble With Celebrity: Laugh Out Loud at the Rich and Famous (Comedy in Life Book 1) Kindle Edition

The Trouble With Celebrity.jpg


The Village Idiots Cruise Club: Funnier Than the Titanic (A Humorous Swipe at Life) Kindle Edition

Cruise Club.jpg


The Village Idiots Ebay Club: Daft People Buy Daft Things (A Humorous Swipe at Life Book 1) Kindle EditionEbay Club.jpg


A Four Book Laughter Box: Open House; The Trouble With Celebrity: The Ebay Club; The Cruise Club (A Laugh Out Loud Comedy Box Set) Kindle Edition

4 Book Laughter Box.jpg



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